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Table 7 Comparison of viscoelasticity devices in terms of parameter measured, reliability, correlation with clinical score and cost

From: A systematic review of objective burn scar measurements

Device Company Parameter Intra-rater Reliability Inter-rater reliability Correlation with clinical score Cost Portability References
Cutometer Courage + Khazaka Viscoelastic parameters Ranges from unacceptable to good (0.12–0.76)*; poor in severe firm scars Ranges from unacceptable to good (0.11–0.93)*, poor in severe firm scars Low to moderate, but significant (Spearman’s r = −0.29 to −0.53). Rennekampf et al. could not find any significant correlation between objective viscoelastic measurements and the subjective pliability assessment of the VSS. £5000–£10,000 (with hub) Yes Nedelec et al. 2008 [30, 106], Draaijers et al. 2004 [147], Rennekampf et al. 2006 [142].
Dermalab Elasticity probe Cortex Viscoelastic parameters ICC = 0.90–0.93; limited ability to measure rigid scars ICC = 0.86–0.93; limited ability to measure rigid scars No data £5000–£10,000 (with hub) Yes Gankande et al. 2014 [6].
Tonometer Flinders Medical Centre Biomedical Engineering Viscoelastic parameters ICC = 0.90–0.94 ICC = 0.948 Negative correlation between VSS pliability scores and tonometer readings: −0.457 and −0.442 respectively for 3 and 6 second readings. No longer commercially available Yes Corica et al. 2006 [164], Lye et al. 2006 [158].
Durometer Rex Gauge company Viscoelastic parameters No data No data for scars but ICC = 0.82–0.92 for sclerodermal skin Good correlation with modified Rodnan skin score (0.70) for sclerodermal skin <£1000 Yes Merkel et al. 2008 [160].
Dermal Torque meter Dias-tron Viscoelastic parameters No data No data No data N/a Yes Boyce et al. 2000 [165].
Adheremeter Fondazione Salvatore Maugeri Viscoelastic parameters Good (0.96) Good (0.87–0.99) Moderate correlation with VSS and Pliability subscale of VSS (rs = −0.58 to −0.66) Free Yes Ferriero et al. 2010 [169].
Reviscometer Courage + Khazaka Resonance running time Good (>0.86) No data No data £10,000–15,000 (with hub) Yes Verhaegen et al. 2010 [168].
Vesmeter Wave Cyber Co. Ltd. No data No data No data No data N/a Yes Niyaz et al. 2012 [246].
Shear Velocity Device N/a Shear wave propagation velocity No data for ICC. (CV for scars is ±4.8 %) No data No data Not commercially available Yes McHugh et al. 1997 [166].
  1. *Low ICC values for Cutometer may also be attributed to the difficulty in relocating device to same measurement spot and the high sensitivity of the device [30]
  2. ICC = intra-class correlation coefficients; CV = coefficient of variation; VSS = Vancouver Scar Scale