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Table 2 Haddon’s matrix

From: Epidemiological studies of burn patients in a burn center in Ghana: any clues for prevention?

  Host Agent Physical environment Social environment
Pre-event Keep children from source of fire Keep children from source of fire Provision of fire alarm systems Close monitoring of children
Ensure adherence to safety practices Containers with hazardous chemicals should be stored at designated areas Ensure standard operating procedures Safe working environment
  Chemicals should be kept at clearly defined areas   Advocacy on burns prevention
Event Teach persons to conduct themselves in ways to prevent excessive burns, e.g., stop, drop, and roll policy Flooding the burns area with a lot of water Flooding with lot of water Swift response of the rescue team
Post-event Get the victim farther from the injury site Turn off electrical supply Provide fire alarms Rehabilitation for victims
Call for help Help quench fire Swift response of the rescue team Care and support
    Financial support for victims