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Table 1 Key lesson learnt

From: An evaluation of Emergency Management of Severe Burn (EMSB) course in Bangladesh: a strategic direction

• EMSB is running by a technical committee—EMSB committee, Bangladesh since 2008 to 2012.
• Highly skill and dedicated key instructors, instructors, coordinators, volunteers are involved in the course and providing their time voluntarily.
• Independently run by the Bangladesh faculties including key instructors and other instructors.
• Bangladesh has strong capacity to run the course in country and also faculties can contribute to run the course in neighbored countries.
• National Technical organization, CIPRB is highly capable to organize and coordinate the course.
• It can be possible to run the course at central level in Dhaka and also in periphery.
• EMSB brings the scope for the doctors from primary to tertiary centre to do the course.
• Doctors at the primary centre and also in secondary centre used ESMB skill in burn management and refer patients in referral centre.
• EMSB can run in low cost and is feasible to make it sustainable.