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Table 2 Examples of studies that have described the use of ECMO in the burn patient population. Studies in italics were part of the systematic review published in 2013

From: ECMO in major burn patients: feasibility and considerations when multiple modes of mechanical ventilation fail

Author Year Journal published N Type of study
Goretsky et al. 1995 J Pediatr Surg 5 Retrospective
O’ Toole et al. 1998 Burns 3 Case series
Pierre et al. 1998 J Burn Care Rehabil 5 Retrospective review
Kane et al. 1999 J Burn Care Rehabil 12 Retrospective review
Masiakos et al. 1999 Arch Surg 2 Retrospective review
Chou et al. 2001 Artif Organs 3 Case series
Nehra et al. 2009 Arch Surg 10 Retrospective review
Askegard et al. 2010 J Pediatr Surg 36 Retrospective review
Asmussen 2013 Burns   Systematic review
Nosanov et al. 2017 J Burn Care Res 30 Retrospective -National Burn Repository
Po-Shun Hsu et al. 2017 Burns 6 Retrospective
aWatson JA et al. 2017 J Pediatr Surg 6 Retrospective - National Trauma Databank
  1. aWatson et al. described 6 burn patients as part of a larger cohort of ECMO patients