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Table 1 Additive manufacturing terminology used in this review and equivalent terms used in the individual reviewed studies

From: Review of additive manufactured tissue engineering scaffolds: relationship between geometry and performance

Terms used in this review Alternative terms in the literature
Filament Strut, fibre/fiber, road, rod, raster, extrudate
Filament orientation Fibre/fiber orientation, lay-down pattern, scan pattern, raster angle, design, print path, layer configuration
Filament spacing Road gap, filament distance, and similar combinations
Filament width Strut width, road width, filament diameter, fibre/fiber size, and similar combinations
Layer thickness Layer height, slice thickness, z-increment
Repeated layers Double layer/triple layer
Staggered filaments (opposed by “aligned filaments”) Offset layers, diagonal pores
Porosity Pore fraction, pore volume fraction
Pore size Pore width