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Table 3 Acute surgical and non-surgical management for ocular and peri-ocular burns study complications

From: Acute surgical vs non-surgical management for ocular and peri-ocular burns: a systematic review and meta-analysis

AuthorGroupSample size (n)SurgeryWound/ocular infectionEyelid contractureCorneal ulcerationVision lossSymblepharonEntropianEctropianCorneal vascularizationEye perforation
Frank et al. [15]Surgery22FTG7170
Surgery10FTG, T041
No surgery60540
Tamhane et al. [16]Surgery20AMT1510010
No surgery240412213
Lopez-Garcia et al. [17]Surgery12AMT12
No surgery1254
Singh et al. [18]Surgery50DALK119
No surgery503150
Tandon et al. [19]Surgery38AMT11015
No surgery3603025
No surgery41516025
Sharma et al. [20]Surgery18AMT71219
No surgery201222213
Sharma et al. [21]Surgery15AMT57
No surgery151015
Cabalag et al. [2]Surgery49STG, FTG, T285711
No surgery277003100
  1. AMT amniotic membrane transplantation, DALK deep anterior lamellar keratoplasty, STG split-thickness graft, FTG full-thickness graft, T tarsorrhaphy, I initial evaluation, F follow-up