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Table 2 Data collection and assessment timeline for the trial

From: Comparative effectiveness of Biobrane®, RECELL® Autologous skin Cell suspension and Silver dressings in partial thickness paediatric burns: BRACS randomised trial protocol

  1. COD change of dressing, DOI date of injury, TBSAB total body surface area burned, 3D three-dimensional, 2D two-dimensional, FLACC Face, Legs, Activity, Cry, Consolability, FPS-R Faces Pain Scale-Revised, NRS-P Numeric Rating Scale–Pain, NRS-P Proxy Numeric Rating Scale–Pain Proxy, NRS-I Numeric Rating Scale–Itch, NRS-I Proxy Numeric Rating Scale–Itch Proxy, POSAS Patient and Observer Scar Assessment Scale, BBSIP Brisbane Burn Scar Impact Profile, CHU9D Child Health Utility 9D, RES™ Regenerative Epithelial Suspension