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Figure 2:

From: Honey exposure stimulates wound repair of human dermal fibroblasts

Figure 2:

(a) Effect of 0.1% honey, and of 20% PL as positive control, on fibroblast cell migration evaluated by a transwell assay (see Methods). Data are mean±SD (n=5) of cell migration rate (see Methods), expressed as percent variation with respect to control. Statistics as in Figure 1. (b) Effect of different inhibitors on honey-induced scratch wound repair of fibroblast monolayers. Data were recorded 24 h after scratch wound healing of cells exposed to 0.1% honey, in the presence or absence of various inhibitors. Bars represent mean±SD of percent wound closure inhibitions recorded in two independent experiments, each with n=20. For each honey type, all groups are significantly different from controls “(100%). Different letters on bars indicate significant differences among different inhibitor groups according to the Tukey’s test (P < 0.01). Values labeled with same letters are not statistically different from each other.

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