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Table 1: Published literature regarding tooth fragments embedded in soft tissues following dentoalveolar trauma

From: Tooth fragment embedded in the lower lip for 10 months following dentoalveolar trauma: A case report with literature review

Author/Year Patient age (Years)/Gender Involved soft tissue Fractured tooth Type of fracture Type of treatment Duration of tooth embedding in the soft tissues
Snawder et al., 1979[5]
Hill and Picton, 1981[6] Tongue 11 Uncomplicated crown fracture
McDonnell and McKiernan, 1986[7] Tongue
Wadkar et al., 1986[4] Lower lip 11
Clark and Jones, 1987[8]
Taran et al., 1994[9] 7/F Lower lip 11 Surgical removal Protruded 18 days later
Kalra and Aggarwal, 1997[10] 6/M Upper lip 51
da Silva et al., 2005[11] 10/M Lower lip Surgical removal
  17/M Lower lip     
Cetinkaya, 2005[12] Lower lip
Pasini, 2006[13] Lower lip Uncomplicated crown fracture Reattachment
Rao and Hegde, 2006[14] 9/M Lower lip Surgical removal Spontaneous eruption 8 months after the trauma
Naudi and Fung, 2007[15] Lower lip Uncomplicated crown fracture Reattachment
Schwengber et al., 2010[16] 8/M Lower lip 21 Reattachment
Al-Jundi, 2010[17] Lower lip Noticed 18 months after the trauma
Cubukcu, 2011[18] Upper lip Primary central incisor Surgical removal
Sangwan, 2011[19] 8/F Lower lip 11 Reattachment
Antunes et al., 2012[20] Lower lip
Lauritano et al., 2012[21] 10/M Lower lip 21 Reattachment
Lips, 2012[3] 8/M Lower lip 21 Reattachment
Goodson and Bhangoo 2013[21]
Agarwal et al., 2013[2] Upper lip
Barua, et al. 2013[22] 12/F Lower lip Surgical removal Present for 5 months in the lip
Altundasar and Demiralp, 2013[23] 23/M Lower lip 11 Surgical removal
Present case 10/M Lower lip 11 Uncomplicated crown fracture Surgical removal Present for 10 months in the lip