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Table 1: Burn classification and healing response

From: Polymeric hydrogels for burn wound care: Advanced skin wound dressings and regenerative templates

Burn classification Depth Wound appearance Spontaneous wound closure (Yes/No)
1st degree    
  Superficial Epidermis Red, dry, painful, turns white when pressed Yes; epidermal regeneration
2nd degree    
  Superficial partial-thickness Papillary (superficial) dermis Red, moist, blistering, painful, turns white when pressed Yes; epithelialization with no or negligible scar
  Deep partial-thickness Reticular (deep) dermis Red and white, blistering, painful Yes (only if not large); epithelialization and scar formation
3rd degree    
  Full-thickness Dermis and subdermal tissues White, leathery or charred, dry, no pain No