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China delegates doubles in EWMA conference 2017-The international cooperation between CTRS and EWMA goes forward

May 10, 2017

During May 3-6th 2017, the 27th European Wound Management Association (EWMA) conference was held in Amsterdam, a city full of beautiful tulips in this blooming season. This annual grand meeting aims at goals to increase data collection and quality of evidence, implement the knowledge and develop the education within wound management. Themed with “Change, Opportunities and Challenges-Wound management in Changing Healthcare system”, this conference attracted over 4200 participants attending while Chinese Tissue Repair Society (CTRS) organized more than 70 delegates for this wonderful academic event. The number doubles compared with that in 2016 and ranking the 2nd among other regional associations despite Europe. 

As a partner association with EWMA, CTRS has made dedicated efforts in promoting the translational research in tissue repair and regeneration, as well as establishing an international academic exchange platform in China. Last year CTRS organized about 40 Chinese scholars attending EWMA conference, and this year the number reached the historic peak.                                                                                       

During the conference, CTRS president Prof. Xiaobing Fu and other core members of Chinese Wound Healing Alliance, including Prof. Shuliang Lu, Chunmao Han, Ting Xie and Bin Wen had a short meeting with EWMA president Severin Lauchli and Secretary Jan N. Kristensen, sharing the ideas and possibilities for future collaboration. After comprehensive discussion, the both sides reached an agreement that CTRS can translate EWMA guidelines into Chinese, organize a Chinese guest session during EWMA conference next year, expand exchanges and cooperation in the areas of education possibly by taking joint training courses in wound management, etc. On the point of various training courses endorsed by EWMA, Chinese delegates emphasized that as these courses were just initiated by the private companies or schools, it should follow the principles of wound management and be put into practice under the guidance of the experienced doctors. Apart from these, the two sides also discussed the possibilities for more resource exchanges between Burns & Trauma and EWMA journal. Actually they have already tried to promote each other both in their own websites and in the printed versions, and in the future they may seek more ways for cooperation. 

The international cooperation is a globe trend and that between EWMA and CTRS surely matches the theme of this year, and will give opportunities to both sides for the further development. We will keep going and look forward for the best outcomes. 

Now we are full of the expectations for the coming of the 28th EWMA conference which will be held in Krakow, Poland during 9-11th May. Let’s meet together in Krakow again in 2018!

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