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Burns & Trauma

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2017 International Summit Forum on Burn Surgery: Inheritance and Innovation

June 6, 2017

On May 28-31, the 2017 International Summit Forum on Burn Surgery (ISFBS), organized by the Institute of Burn Research, Southwest Hospital, was held in Raddison Blue Hotel, Chongqing, China. This conference was also in memory of Professor Li Ao, a pioneer of Chinese burn medicine and the founder of the Institute of Burn Research, Southwest Hospital affiliated to the Third Military Medical University. May 29th is the 100th birthday of Professor Li Ao, so the opening ceremony was characterized with a video depicting the lifetime story of Prof. Li Ao and his career in burn medicine. Then, the awarding ceremony of the Sixth Li Ao Medical Prize for Burns was held. Prof. Hu Dahai from Xijing Hospital won the first prize, and Prof. Jia Chiyu from the 309 Hospital of PLA, and Prof. Luo Gaoxing from Southwest Hospital were awarded the second prize.

On this special occasion of the 100th birthday anniversary of Prof. Li Ao, the academic conference of the ISFBS 2017 is themed with “Inheritance and Innovation”. The vice director of the Institute Prof Yizhi Peng , together with Prof. Hu Dahai, Prof. Wu Jun and Prof. Huang Yuesheng were the chairman, and the director of the institute, Prof. Luo Gaoxing was the executive chairman of the conference.

A total of 46 speakers including academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Prof. Wei Yuquan,  academicians of Chinese Academy of Engineering, Prof. Wang Zhengguo, Prof. Xiaobing Fu and Prof. Xia Zhaofan, the former president of International Society for Burn Injuries (ISBI) and the Editor-in-Chief of Journal of Burn Care & Research Prof. David Herndon, the president-elect of ISBI Dr. Naiem Moiemen, Editor-in-Chief of Critical Care Prof. Jean-Louis Vincent, Editor-in-Chief of Burns Prof. Steven Wolf, the president of Australian & New Zealand Burn Association  Prof. Fiona Wood, the former president of the American Burn Association and Canadian Association of Plastic Surgeons Prof. Edward Tredget, the former president of ABA Prof. Tina Palmieri, and other outstanding experts from Canada, the Netherlands, USA, Singapore, China (including Taiwan) were invited to give keynote speeches on the forum. More than 400 delegates attended the academic conference. The topics covered multi-fields related to burn injury, including tissue regneneration, cell therapy, biomaterials in wound healing, critical care, burn repair and reconstruction, wound infection, scar management, physical and psychological rehabilitation, and attempt of using new techniques (e.g. 3d printing, telemedicine system) in wound care and improvement of medical system. The conference not only aroused review of experience in burn care, but also inspired thinking of future direction of burn medicine.

Meanwhile, the history of development of burn medicine in the Third Military Medical University was recapitulated by Prof. Luo Gaoxing, while the development of burn care in the USA and Europe was reviewed by Prof. David Herndon. The contributions to burn medicine by many pioneers like Prof. Li Ao were recognized. Just like Prof. Herndon said, “Mentorship from others evolves into mentorship to others”, dedication, exploration and education from generation to generation has been promoting the development of burn medicine toward better and better burn care and outcomes.

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Photos were provided by the Institute of Burn Research, Southwest Hospital, Third Military Medical University.