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Burns & Trauma Co-hosted the 2017 Asia-Pacific Summit Forum of Wound Healing and Scar Medicine

November 17, 2017

With careful organization and arrangements, the 2017 Asia-Pacific Summit Forum of Wound Healing and Scar Medicine was successfully held from 3-5 November, 2017, in Shanghai, China. This conference was hosted by Asia Wound Healing Association, Asia Wound Care Association, Asia-Pacific Society for Scar Medicine and Chinese Association of Aesthetics, Plastics and Chinese Society for Scar Medicine. 

Themed with “Healing and Scar is Two Sides of the Coin”, this conference was the first joint event fantastic gathering of great minds and educators of both wound healing and scar management, and attracted more than 1000 scholars and experts from over 20 countries and regions. A top of group of invited Asian commissioner shared the forefront of achievements in scientific research as well a super list of invited Europe and American Professors.

Prior to the conference, the organization committee set up a workshop on SVF-GEL Fat & Scar on November 2nd and a training course on Laser & Scar on November 3rd, which invited many domestic experts of medical beauty industry to introduce the latest techniques and advancements of the scar treatment from different aspects. The two workshops offered an exchange and study platform for the doctors and clinical researchers, promoted the deep-going research in this area, and deepen the application of the new techniques in the treatment of scar.

With great support of the Chair of this summit forum Prof. Fu Xiaobing, Prof. Sadanori Akita, Prof. Zhang Yixin, Prof. Wu Jun, Prof. Rei Ogawa, who are all our editorial board members, Burns & Trauma co-hosted this congress as a media partner together with some other organizations.

Moreover, Burns & Trauma successfully held an editorial board & promoting meeting during the conference on November 3rd, with a total of 9 editorial board members and 19 invited foreign experts attended the meeting, which turns out to be efficient and effective for the future development of the journal.

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