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Table 6 Comparison of used and recommended parameters for the cutometer in different papers

From: A systematic review of objective burn scar measurements

Authors and papers Parameter used/recommended
Fong et al. 1997 [146]. Uf, Ur/Uf, Ur/Ue, R8
Draaijers et al. 2004 [147]. Recommends Ue or Uf
Dobrev et al. 2005. [257] Recommends Ue and Uf (distensibility), Ua/Uf and Ur/Uf (elasticity) and Uv and Uv/Ue (viscoelasticity)
Nedelec et al. 2008 [30, 106]. Recommends using only Uf
Rennekampff et al. 2002 [155] and 2006 [142]. Uf, Ua, Ur, Ue, Ur/Ue and Ur/Uf