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Table 3 Mortality among burn victims and its features

From: Epidemiology of burn injuries in Nepal: a systemic review

Study Total patient number, n Mortality, n(%) Most common cause Remarks
Liu et al. [5] 237 55(23.2) Hypovolemia
No patients with >40%TBSA survived
Female to male death ratio 2.07
Shrestha et al. [8] 22 1(4.5) Sepsis
Chalise et al. [10] 50 7(14.0) %TBSA significant predicator of mortality
Dahal et al. [6] 100 21(21.0)
Rai et al. [11] 78 15(19.2) Mortality proportional to increasing %TBSA burn.
No patient with >40%TBSA survived
Sharma et al. [7] 819 168(20.5) 73% of females.
Flame burn responsible for 95% deaths
  1. TBSA Total burn surface area