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Fig. 1

From: Skin bioprinting: the future of burn wound reconstruction?

Fig. 1

The bioprinting process. a Different steps and stages that lead to the production of bioprinted constructs for implantation or in vitro testing. b The process of bioprinting using the integrated tissue and organ printer illustrated using ear cartilage bioprinting. This figure was adapted from the original article of Kang et al. [45] (Copyright 2016 Nature America, Inc.). Data from the medical imaging input is used to generate the 3D CAD model. A visualized motion program is generated, and instructions to print the construct are transmitted to the computer using a text-based command. 3D three-dimensional, CAD computer-aided design, MRI magnetic resonance imaging, CT computed tomography, STL STereoLithography, DICOM digital imaging and communications in medicine

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